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  • As alum we say goodbye to our days in a uniform but we are always dawgs.

Headed back to Seattle tomorrow 💜
Will I end up playing in the alumni game? 🤷🏻‍♀️
  • ”MUST BE NICE.” The last few months have felt easy. I’ve taken up golf. I’ve let myself relax on some projects I’ve been pushing so hard for the last couple years. I’ve given myself permission to take a mini mental vacation— but I’ve had some conversations lately that make me think I haven’t accurately depicted what it took to get here. (Here = in a better mental state, able to take a day off here and there)

In this relaxed phase (that you know won’t last long because there’s more stuff that needs to get done), I’ve heard people say, “It must be nice” when referring to the time I can take for myself, the freedom I have in my days, or the places I’m able to travel for work or leisure.

You know what I want to say to that?
It must have been nice keeping normal work hours while some nights I didn’t sleep. Must have been nice having weekends off while me and my team didn’t get an off day for months.

I don’t think I’m special and there’s a lot more “successful” people with a lot more freedoms than me. I just think that I understand that if you want success, nothing is free. I have the perspective to know there may be people way smarter than me, WAY farther ahead- but I have the ability to better myself if I work hard. If I walk around saying “Must be nice,” I will never know the whole story. 
If you want to be happy- you have to know whether you’re pursuing comfort or purpose or both- and then own your decisions to go after that.

So many people say they want success but have no clue what it takes- and all anyone sees are the highlight reels and inspirational motivational quotes.

You’re being mislead. It takes more than you think. When in doubt, go back to work.
  • With each move we make we are trying to grow opportunities for softball players.

Today our cities and dates were announced on @thepackageddeal. You can save your spot to be a part of our biggest tour yet 9/19.
  • Talk about filling a need.
I can’t think of one friend who wasn’t stressed about their next step after softball ended.

So excited for athletes to get this in their hands and find a little more peace of mind knowing they aren’t alone and that there are skills they can develop to move forward toward who they will be beyond sport.

Proud of @themartireed. Thank you for sharing with all of us.
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