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  • Using the ground and what we learned from @footdoctor_esia for this new quick warm up drill for hard-hit ball footwork.

Don’t get outworked ✌🏼
  • Love what this new brand stands for and so proud to be a little part!

I am proud to be a voice for empowering young athletes to build confidence through sport. My coaches, mentors and family each played a HUGE role in my development as a young athlete and I know it’s now my role to pay it forward. Stay tuned for more on my partnership with @teammakeitloud 📣
  • ... And then I fell into a slump and couldn’t get out.

No matter how much potential people told me I had, no matter how much things seemed to be going right- nothing had prepared me for the couple months of performances that confirmed my greatest fears: that I wasn’t good enough.

I couldn’t get out or shake it off because deep down, I hadn’t rewritten the definition of ME- I had just hidden it. I put goals on top of her- I packed more practices and made more lists of things I needed to do.

I still defined myself as a so-so hitter. One who was a better defender than a feared offensive player.

When shit hit the fan (and it inevitably always does)- my armor wasn’t solid. It was made up of a record-setting WCWS performance, All-Tournament Team, All-PAC honors, and a National Championship. Still it failed me.

Because who you believe you are can be influenced by what you do but it’s not DEFINED by it.

You decide who you are with every thought you give power to, every person you let in, every choice you make, and every failure you give permission to bring you down.

I didn’t have hard times in college due to lack of work or lack of hours TRYING to get better. My slump crippled me because I let it prove my worst self right. || I’ve been here. I’ve been the girl with her palms up not knowing what to do even though I have all the power in my hands to change my experience.

I work every week @defenselessons but THIS is why I started @defenseclub- and it’s why there is more coming.

Fear and doubt and self-destructive thoughts are real enemies of kids growing up in sport- I’ve taken pause with Defense Club as I’m growing other parts of my life, but I haven’t stopped working for it.

More to come 🖤
  • Bring me your little Leaders by Example.

Bring me the quiet ones, the determined ones, the ones unafraid of hard work.

Bring me the girls whose fire you can see but only after you understand she doesn’t want to stand out yet. ‘Cause I know they have big dreams and goals just like I did- but I needed some help standing in the light too.
  • The GLORY is not for fielders. That’s ok, we say.

We will hold the spotlight while you bask in it, we can be the support beams to your high towers.

We do this because that’s the game- that’s our role and that’s how we thrive. No spotlight needed- we prefer a glove tap.

We realize that only the ones that “get it” can see us.
They know that without us the big games aren’t won. Without us, no games are won.

Defense wins championships and DEFENSE makes the average pitcher GREAT and the great hitter a HERO.

#dwc #defense #groundwork
  • “My daughter’s not being pushed.” While this is a real concern and something to watch when putting your girls on teams or in classes- in the last month I am putting more responsibility on each girl to be someone others want to compete with and practice with.


1. Why are you letting anyone else control if you have a good practice or not?

2. Since when is it not cool to practice being a good leader, leading by example, and showing others how it’s done right?

In each moment that you have to get better- why are you worried about how others are doing when you could be working on your focus and drive and will to be the best you can be?

Softball takes a lot of reps and it takes a lot of dedication to working on things you think you’ve already mastered. Do I think you should get out of your comfort zone at times and play with the older girls? Yep.

Do I also think that girls who have been playing longer can benefit from taking balls with ones who are learning concepts for the first time? Absolutely. On both ends.

If you think in college you’ll never play with people u  oh need than you- think again.

If you think in life you’ll always be around people bigger faster stronger than you- think again.

I’m not saying stay in a situation where you’re at the ceiling of talent. I’m saying in a situation where you’re the best in the room- act like it. Get a different kind of practice in. Practice being a leader. Practice being a good teammate. Practice your discipline and don’t do just enough to get by- do YOUR personal best.

I’m honestly tired of people blaming their surroundings for why they didn’t do as well as they should’ve. Show up and have enough pride in where you want to go (goals of college scholarships, Olympics, pro leagues) to practice at a high level regardless of who else is there.

The players that “get it” are ones that your daughters want to be in a group with and every SINGLE one of my students has the ability to be THAT GIRL.