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  • Made a resource for all my out-of-state kids because I really can’t be in all states at once.

Today in my IG story: tell me what you do in your home workouts and get a free month of work with me in my online lessons ✔️ #dwc
  • From fourth through sixth grade, I was always picked as one of the captains of our recess kickball teams.

I loved wearing hats, baggy shirts and longer shorts.

I 100% had fun with this tomboy phase until I got self-conscious with not knowing how I “should” be dressing.

To all my tomboys- you don’t HAVE to like wearing dresses or makeup or even understand all the people telling you what you should be doing in order to be 100% girl and on the path to being 100% you.

Keep having fun, keep playing sports, and give yourself some time.

No matter what you think- every single people has an awkward phase or they are figuring out other issues. No one knows it all.

You’ll be great. Whatever makes you fee exactly like YOU is exactly what you should be in. 🖤🖤🖤
  • I hate that I did this in this picture but I love how many laughs we have all shared over the 5 years it has existed.

5 years of travel, growth, friendship, creativity, hard work, and the same mission.

Happy Anniversary to us, @thepackageddeal.
Excited to celebrate with our next big thing (stay tuned) 🙌🏼 Cerritos, CA tomorrow for a hot outdoor event where we will meet and hang out with the exact girls we started this for- the girls we were; the ones that want to elevate the game and to be their very best.

  • I’ve been doing lessons in some capacity for 10 years.

I started when I was in college and just haven’t stopped.
I wasn’t a special case when I started- majority of my teammates taught as a little part time job especially since being a student-athlete didn’t leave enough time to pick up anything else.

Leading up to 2013, I had the same perspective as so many: When am I going to get a real job?
...One with security, benefits, set hours and a boss.

I coached one season as a paid assistant and made a U-turn. It wasn’t because I didn’t want to put in the work- it wasn’t because I didn’t think I could do it.

Creating @thepackageddeal and starting my own defensive lesson business, and getting girls in their development phase felt more right. And it still does.

Because “lessons” are a common thing for softball players to dabble in I think there were a lot of people who thought (and probably still think) that it was short term/ that it didn’t require much prep or work outside the hours I show up/ that it didn’t take much outside skill or development to get to where I have been these last 5 years/ that this is a few steps below coaching at a college or organization.

I have little care of what people think of my “job” but here’s what I love about it:
- I get to be around kids that want to be there
- I work my butt off everyday towards things I truly believe in
- I can continue to morph and shift based on what I have learned and bring those things to people around me

After 5 years of teaching in Anaheim, CA- I’m now offering online lessons.

Lessons aren’t just an in-between phase for me. I believe in developing these kids and the sport. Can’t wait to see what new things I’ll learn from the players and coaches tuning in each week online ♻️
  • Two and a half years ago I saw these photos of my first solo photoshoot.

I remember wanting to capture a time in my life I was confident and ready to branch out on my own. Crazy to think how much more I had inside of me from even this point.

I look at some of these and notice little things- faces, postures, lack of energy- that bring me back to what I thought was me being ready to be my best self- now I know it was something different.

It was the start of me being fed up with being scared.
It was me trying to give myself a platform.
It was me jumping-
But it wasn’t a final product, by far.

There’s so so much more.
I’m still figuring out how to stop being scared and how to keep getting closer to that person that’s been buried by years and years of learning to step back, be smaller, quiet down, and be less me.

We have to relearn ourselves.
So in for everything this process has brought me and excited for those around me brave enough to do the same.

#relearn #defenseclub #confidence
  • This is definitely not representative of how I looked the last 4 days... Sweaty, frizzy hair, less calm and collected, and NOT coaching from a bucket- I took a shot at playing again in Georgia.

I have posted about making a comeback and about starting the process of getting back into playing shape... But being completely honest- within 3 weeks of that post I found that my real life doesn’t easily lend itself to elite level softball training anymore; that I’d gotten a little softer; that I started stacking reasons up as to why I didn’t have to play.

I realize I’m not special- that teammates, friends, and so many players around the world are making greater sacrifices to stay in the game.

I knew it would take effort but I didn’t realize how far out of playing I really was. My body a little slower and adapting to less explosive movement everyday- I felt far more comfortable taking up golf.

So when I was offered a uniform and was met with that familiar fear of failure that I’ve felt before- it was interesting. It was a fear from not being prepared as opposed to not feeling I was good enough.

Anyways- that’s my life update.
I underestimated how likely it was that I would play.
I didn’t prepare like I thought I would.
I played despite being afraid to be embarrassed.
I complained that my body hurt and probably was an annoying teammate.

Next up: I commit to really training or I sit back down in my new comfort zone. What would you do?