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  • Even though we loved our time at AT&T Stadium, that is definitely not our norm.

If you have been following me and @thepackageddeal for a while now, you’ve seen us grow from mom-and-pop shops to elevated, larger facilities.
Because of this, sometimes I think people hold back from requesting us because it “must” cost a lot or be a big undertaking or we might never consider you-

I’m really proud of our behind-the-scenes staff who handle our hosting applications and can tell you a few facts that could shift your perception of the process:

1. We work really hard to review all requests and to understand the story behind each one.

2. Hosts are only responsible for a night of hotels for us to get to your place and get out || There’s no booking fee, no flight allowance, no hidden costs.

3. We provide flyers, run all registration, check-in, and setup. Most of the people that host us are either facility owners or have a connection with a facility so time on the turf or field can be easily figured out.

4. I can say we have been to almost every state and as long as you aren’t over a hour from an airport and have a facility enough for us to work in- you WILL be considered. You don’t have to be in a big city. If you have a softball community, club teams, groups of coaches, girls that WANT TO LEARN; you’ll be in the running.

Packaged Deal is accepting applications for summer right now-
If you’ve been thinking about how cool it might be to have us out, let’s do it.
  • Here. We. Go.

#GROUNDWORK2 dates are coming at you next Thursday || 3/28 (RIGHT after @jenschrocatching’s Retreat announcement)

Learn more about last year’s event here: @defenselessons

  • Gym Morning 🖤
📸: @coach_mellimel
I will be coaching with Team Philippines in Indonesia April 22nd- May 8th!

So excited for this opportunity to continue to grow the game and hang out with women doing the same!

What an exciting time for our sport. Love that I can be a part of training, playing, and competing leading up to the symbolic year of 2020.

My local lessons in Anaheim will still be ON with a killer substitute for the time I am out of the country. I’ll post more about her and her skills soon.
  • Being separated by states is a thing our family has done for a while now, but doesn’t mean we miss each other any less. We 💛 you, Johnny.
  • Celebrated our 2009 team in Seattle on Saturday.

How cool is it that our lives came together for such a time that FELT like a lifetime and a blip all at once.

Now that we are “adults” and have spread out to our own lives again, being together doesn’t happen too often, but coming back will always bring back some of my greatest memories and a whole lot of emotions of growth, hard work, and shared joy.

Looking forward to September when I get to see these faces and more 💜💛