Looking to bring me in for a defensive workout with your local softball community or team?

Options for Teams Local to Southern California:

Outside of my regular lesson hours, there are opportunities to schedule an hour of work for just your team Monday or Wednesday 5:30-6:30 depending on the week. Minimum to schedule this hour is 6 players. Email me for more details.


Depending on my availability, I can come out to a field or facility that you reserve. You can schedule either a 1.5 or 2 hour workout.

TEAM PRACTICE: Pricing Varies

  • 9-14 players : $400/1.5hrs, $500/2hrs.
  • Over 14 players: $35/player (1.5 hour workout), $45/player (2 hour workout)
  • Pricing may vary by drive time
  • More time can be added for a rate agreed upon by both parties
  • Equipment list fulfilled by you. Your coaches will run stations.

Teams Outside of California (or more than a 1-hour drive from Anaheim, CA):

I travel multiple times a month with The Packaged Deal. We go a LOT of places- it’s possible we will be near YOU. Check out our list of events here:


When I’m not with Packaged Deal, I have very limited available weekends to travel & teach. If our schedules match up, here is how this would work:

I’ll use your coaches, parents, or high school players to run stations while training them in the drills for that day’s workout.

You’ll be required to have equipment available for use & a facility or field to work from.


  • 4 buckets of softballs (size relative to the age of girls attending)
  • 1 bucket of tennis balls
  • 1 agility ladder
  • 1 catch net
  • 2 dozen cones
  • Optional: Baseballs, tennis racket, flat gloves, additional ladder & catch nets


  • $950 base instruction fee
  • 3-hour workout (can be broken up into 3, 1-hour workouts or 2, 1.5 hour workouts)
  • Only your team/ organization attends
  • More hours & attendees can be added for a rate agreed upon by both parties
  • Travel, car, & hotel (if required) costs are covered by host


  • I’m been so lucky to travel the country hanging out with girls who love the same sport I do.

I love leaving California to spread the game, to see different athletes, and to gain perspective but there’s something to be said about where you come from.

I created Groundwork to bring together the things I have learned and to bring all those things back to where it all started.
I created this kind of experience to lift up how important the foundation we lay is; to highlight those things that set us up to reach heights we didn’t know we even wanted.

I just posted a scholarship opportunity on the @defenselessons IG.
If you or someone you know deserves a spot- follow the rules to submit your story.

I can’t wait to meet this round’s athletes and families. Groundwork is August 17-18 and registration is Monday, April 22nd 💜
  • Go listen to my friend’s podcast:
We break down all the things I do, how I got there, and why I am able to be vulnerable with posts and @defenseclub. *link in bio*

Check out my story for the real treat: the OG Breaking It Down With Bailey YouTube videos from when we were just young UW softball players 💜
  • Stepping foot into this space brought instant perspective.

Cory taught us about the start, the journey, and the vision behind Jessie’s NEGU Foundation.

Jessie’s story and the “how” is jaw dropping in itself- the work dedicated to keeping it going and reaching every single kid possible? Inspiring.

Their mission is to support kids and families going through cancer- to tell them to Never Ever Give Up.

So happy we got our first glimpse of being part of the bigger picture 💛
  • Reposting something I found a couple years ago because we are all still learning this lesson Every. Single. Day.

We are obsessed with the clock and when we should get things done but at any point we can decide “Ok, it’s my time-“ and life shifts with that choice.

Inspired by words from @corymtomlinson and @jaydanewart yesterday filming for @defenseclub.

It’s coming together, people.

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  • Imagine questioning everything you are, everything society is and, beyond that, wondering if people will ever see you for those things that make you great instead of just what makes you different-

There are some reading this that can’t imagine feeling this way, but I know there are some that don’t have to imagine it because they are living it.

They question and analyze and hope and pray things would be different. They sort through emotions dailey and things that seems so easy for others come so so hard. Even after acceptance comes figuring out where to go from there-

The majority of people might not understand how deep you’ve had to search to find the you that matches all your work-  but you want to know what?

For those of you doing extra work on your insides everyday- even though it’s harder right now- you’ll be ahead in the long run.

You’re building tools some won’t ever feel: how to be more accepting, more humble, more forgiving; how to find your perspective- you’ll know parts of yourself some don’t ever look for and you’ll bring the best version of you to the table of any team, relationship, or job.

So coming from one over-thinker to another:
As long as you’re also learning how to forgive yourself and how to love those parts of you that aren’t the “norm,” all that soul searching has its benefits.

You’ll figure it out.
And when you do, there’s no stopping you.

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  • From the time you start something to the time you eventually stop, the time you spend “in between” really adds up.

We talk about the wins, the great plays, the home runs- the rewards of hard work- but we rarely give the in between times credit- - Picking up every single ball
- Hustling to every station
- Listening to instruction so you know how to practice at home
- Working on what you’re saying to yourself before and after a pitch so that you’re in the right mindset to compete... When you look back, HOW you have gone about your business is defined by the space in between.

Those tend to build who we are more than what our stat line reads. Who are you when no one’s watching?