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  • Oh so many parallels to the game and life-

Over-thinking, being self-conscious, or letting our fear control us are real things that are sometimes unavoidable before you gain perspective-

That perspective being:

1. If you stop worrying about what people think or about failing, you can focus more on the ball

2. Everyone is a little scared of failing, but playing scared isn’t the way to be your best

It’s funny to be how badly some of these girls want to get back to moving and going through the motions of drills when these are the lessons I would have traded years of practice for.

#softball #train #life #girl #lessons #confidence #failhard
  • Own who you are.
Not as easy as it sounds-

I wish I had been able to do this so much earlier, but in reality- I wouldn’t have been able to.

It takes learning yourself first.
Growing up, instead of getting to know me, I was stacking up judgments against what I thought “normal” was.

Once I understood that 1. There is no normal and 2. Why would you want to be normal/average anyways? -
I started tuning in to those things that made me different and I started liking them.

I am still working on some parts of me- but overall what’s helped is knowing that what makes us different can be the thing people connect with us most for.

#pdarchives #softball #strength #power #different #train #learn #grow
  • In between the flights and events and planning the next thing, I’ve gotten to have some pretty fun experiences the last couple years.

It wasn’t until this weekend I realized a feeling that keeps sticking around for longer than just the fleeting moments.

I’m happy.

I’ve created places for the girl I used to be.
I’ve put my heart into speaking words I wish I heard growing up- words that helped connect us back to perspective and the growth mindset- @defenselessons & @defenseclub were made to serve the athlete looking for answers; for more. They were made for the girl that struggled with confidence, speaking up, and seeing her worth.

I’m still that girl in many ways. I’m still here for those going through the hard or scary times, but I’ve realized I’ve stopped posting to that girl because I haven’t needed to vent or analyze or get my own feelings out because I’m also this person now too-

The one that thinks it’s OK to be happy and to sit in this a bit;
the one that just wants to live and let things be how they are because we should be able to enjoy the good things too.

The Me that created @defenseclub wouldn’t have wanted to talk about today’s Me for long because I was all about fixing and having a plan and working on the weaknesses instead of the wins- I thought: the wins take care of themselves/ everything is always great when you’re winning.
Today I understand that giving space for the good is just as important.

So many things have started to make sense the more time has passed.
Things get better because we have put the work in on ourselves- that’s what I will keep preaching to my girls.

More is coming.
Just have to give yourself time to see it.

I wish I had celebrated my wins (no matter how big or small) more often growing up. It matters.
Skipping past the good times only makes you look for the next test. Yes, failure teaches us a lot- but if we don’t allow ourselves to look around and to be thankful, what kind of life are we striving for anyways?
  • ▪️Final Groundwork Announcement ▪️ Last day to sign up for this event is Thursday, June 27th.

Player and coach tickets are still available.

Groundwork in December was one of my favorite events ever- I’ve taken your feedback and will include more mental game focus, more live balls, AND have added more coaches.

August 17-18: Come hang out with us in Riverside, CA.

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  • So so proud of this girl for taking over @thepackageddeal this weekend and so humbled by the amount small acts can impact those around us.

Madison started lessons with me 4 years ago and she’s held a special place since we’ve met. Not afraid to go for it, to be different, or to let people know what’s up- she inspires me to be my best every time I think about what’s next.

She is amazing and fearless now but just wait for what she will become. Thank you for sharing your journey with me @maddog15_softball. You’re truly living the savage lifestyle right.

#believeinwhatyouleave #getdefensive #savage #legit #softball #girl #bedifferent #bekind