Not able to attend my Defense Lessons in Anaheim, CA? This is the perfect way to get access to my skills, drills, and knowledge!

Online Lessons are sent to you every Friday via email. You get an up-close breakdown of the exact circuits we did at lessons in California. See below for the lesson levels. Priced from $29 for a month, this is great value for your time and money.


What if I want to upgrade my subscription?

You can make changes to your account at any time if you’d like to upgrade. The difference in price will be charged to your account immediately and you will be included in your new Level’s benefits in the next week’s lessons. To upgrade, follow these steps:

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Can a coach subscribe to the Elite Plan?

Yes. This can be a great tool for coaches to get more access to my programs and is a way to share your knowledge with your players!

Is there a team discount?

The Elite Plan is the best choice for a team! With 15 shareable links, that brings monthly lessons down to under $8/player.

Can I save money if I want to buy in for a year?

Yes, the Elite plan is available for an annual cost of $1300 (nearly 10% savings)!


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  • When we pick women to be part of our teams & to coach alongside us- we pick ones who believe in the power one human can make on another.

We pick ones who want to give back and who want to see these girls master skills they they had trouble with.

I love seeing these women interact with the next generation- especially in settings like Groundwork & the @jenschrocatching Retreat where girls can connect and learn their stories-

It’s fun getting questions about the next Groundwork and hearing positive feedback about last weekend- but what’s cool is that these girls won’t have to wait until my next event... @thepackageddeal is bringing a new multi-day elevated experience around the country.

There are so many things coming- all included to leave a lasting impression on the insides of young softballers- we are going full court press in our next tour to celebrate 5 YEARS of growth, impact, and empowerment as TPD.

Tour dates, locations, and EXACTLY WHAT THIS IS is coming soon.

#wearethepackage #sosoon #5years #softball #clinic #legacy
  • It’s taken a lot more than makeup and fancy braids to get here.

It took the idea, the execution, the hours of work that no one saw, the flights, and the drives through downpours.

It took continuing to work until people started to notice. It took phone calls and meetings and feedback emails until we got it right.

It took years to get on @nike’s radar and now we are proud to continue working alongside them representing exactly what hard work can do for you-

It gets softball recognized-
It leaves a lasting impact-
It brings those you work with closer together because you know just how much you’ve overcome to get to this point.

We have big things coming to celebrate our work as @thepackageddeal AND our work with @nike.

Stay tuned. You’re not going to want to miss the next big thing (hint: 10/1 softball link is just the beginning)

  • Not sure what’s better than being surrounded by people who believe in you and what you’re doing.

@maliaquarles gets it 📸
  • I feel really good about this 🖤
Coaches were bought in. Girls responded, adjusted, and every single one gave max effort.

Could not have asked for a more impactful turnout for #GROUNDWORK2.

Have a suggestion on when Groundwork 3 should be? Drop it below ⤵️
  • The goal was to put on an event that equipped girls with information, skills, and a memorable experience they could take with them forever.

The goal was to speak and impact “my girls:” the ones who have a little issue with perfectionism, speaking up, or feeling seen.

So thankful to the coaches, the athletes, the parents, and my support staff for helping me to create this special event- I didn’t do it alone and wouldn’t have wanted to.

Really proud of the work we did and the good we spread. Can not wait for the next one 🖤