Professional Coach and Owner of Morgan Stuart Defense Lessons
2009 National Champion (University of Washington)
2009 All-World Series Team
2010 Pac-10 Champion
2011 Academic All-American
2012 Riverside Sports Hall of Fame inductee
2013 Professional Softball Player (Switzerland)
2013-2014 College Coach (UCR, LMU)
2014 University of Washington Hall of Fame inductee
2015 & 2019 Filipino National Softball Team
Lead Infield Instructor & Co-Founder of The Packaged Deal
Team Easton Ambassador

My goal is to provide the best defensive instruction and resources for softball players in-person and online. For me, it's not only about mechanics, but also about producing valuable teammates & self-reliant athletes that know how to make adjustments and how to be their best competitive selves.

Over my years of coaching and impacting young women, I have complied what I have learned to produce drills, philosophies, and guides that help players, coaches, and parents navigate the defensive side of the game.

From winning a championship at Washington to coaching defense around the country with The Packaged Deal, I have become firm in my belief there is no secret formula to success. Success starts inside of you. Your need to be great has to come before the results.

My training provides fundamental defensive tools, but also strengthens each player’s mental armor. My players and their families believe that attending lessons with me is more than just softball training. Whether you are an in-person lesson regular or an online student, you're being held to a standard of growth on the field as well as growth on the inside.

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  • Anniversary Tour ☑️
If you were apart of this clinic you got to experience my 2-day defense progression. And it wasn’t easy.

Here was the Florida workout:

Day 1: 35 minutes of nonstop moving

1. 5/10/5 drop steps (basically sprinting, changing directions, and then catching a ball barehanded)
2. Mental toughness conditioning circuit
3. Circle footwork + planks
4. Ava’s still + RDL still

Day 2: 45 minute advanced stations (3 parts in each station)

1. Knee picks + good hop/bad hop
2. Partner wall sits + squat jumps + planks
3. Pole drill w/ throw + pole drill footwork dry + Ava’s drill reps
4. 10/10/10 + Hard hit ball rolls > Elbows up + Forehand/Backhand through ladder

We had such an awesome Roster and local staff that helped push girls and inspire them throughout this tour. Every rotation, every rep- we worked our butts off to hold our standards high. Really proud of us.
  • This made me so happy today @alannabarraza 🖤❤️ PROUD OF YOU.
  • Translating my maps and notes, drills and workouts into tools that everyone can use today- results of this work is COMING VERY SOON.

Online lessons is getting a facelift and it’s everything I want to leave softball families everywhere.
  • More often than not during the week, I feel a familiar tightening of my muscles, mind going a mile a minute, and an itchiness that’s brought on by anxiety.

Some days I can channel this energy to get things done..other days I find myself paralyzed by worry or doubt or just the same thoughts over and over that won’t go away.

Since realizing this about myself I have chosen one key defense: I keep my distance.

It’s something I’ve done by choice, but also done by habit. I’ve chosen this defense over other options because it makes me feel like I can help myself.

Many have gotten to know me as logical, analytical, harsh, intense, to-the-point in the last few years. It’s a personality I enjoy taking on as part of a group because it leaves the fluff out of the conversation.

But it’s also a personality that is not really 100% me. People that deal with anxiety often aren’t 100% “themselves.” When I think of the “why” of creating this for myself, all I come up with is this:

Distance has been safe. It has kept my head above water in many cases.

Distance has also kept me from experiencing life deeper and richer. I realize that safe doesn’t always mean growth. It’s taken me a while to even have the perspective to notice just how far away I can be.

I don’t share because I’ve dealt with anxiety the right way. I share in hopes those with the same tendencies read and find some comfort knowing others go through it.

It’s not easy and none of us use it as an excuse to contribute any less to the world around us.

Staying more connected is scary- but staying in the same place is even scarier.
  • Our very last event of the Anniversary Tour is this weekend in Tampa, FL.

It’s been fun and exhausting and eye-opening looking back at how far we have come in such a short time.

Thank you to everyone who made this Tour a perfect way to celebrate 🖤
  • 31 with these people was one to remember 👽

Thank you for making me feel special!