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  • Me when I think I’m ready to record anything for my lessons or softball school 😂

We are ALL being tested & challenged because of circumstances no one could have predicted.

My “achiever” self is dealing with anxiety.
My “perfectionist” self is being told what’s what.

No one’s escaping these days  but it’s cool to know that some of us will find a way to conquer some of the things that have haunted us forever; those things we haven’t ever had the “time” to deal with and those we definitely haven’t ever been FORCED to really face.

I’m for sure being distracted by the “what if’s” and Netflix and the stress of what will probably come- but I’m trying my best to be my best.
I know there’s a lot of us doing exactly that and THAT is exactly enough.
  • Found a great day in all these weird ones 🖤
  • || More than the mechanics, my favorite part about sport is that it gives athletes a safe place to develop awareness of their body and mind:

What you put in is what you get out.

It’s taken me a LONG time to learn how to be my own hero and to trust myself with learning from failure.

I’m not here to say there’s a magic pill- but all I hope is to shorten your time in that in-between. Flatten the learning curve.

I have this really cool opportunity to talk to young athletes about how I did not handle failure well growing up and how I continue to work through thoughts and doubts and fears every single day despite the successes I have worked for over the years.

For me, there was a much finer line between mental health and the mental game than I anticipated.

Turns out that line got thinner and thinner and disappeared because of how I was wearing away at my own confidence and self-worth each time I wasn’t perfect on the field.

High standards are amazing. Punishing yourself for not meeting them is not OK.

Defense Club will be on to its next phase coming up soon (I’ll be making announcements on social) BUT I am very excited for my class on DEALING WITH FAILURE IN SOFTBALL SCHOOL on April 6th.

It’ll be 30-45 minutes on me speaking on this subject.

A lot of people on my IG have liked when I write about my vulnerabilities and how I relate to the things we don’t always like to post about...wanted to share this so you guys will have time to consider checking it out.

Link to Softball School is in my bio.
I will continue to share more about @defenseclub and my take on the mental and emotional side of sports, but I hope you will join me on the 6th and share some of your experiences that we can work through together 🖤
  • With the first day of Softball School under our belts I can’t help but think of this pause in “regular” life as a GAME CHANGING opportunity for these young players.

Space to understand what they are doing and why;
Time to digest new information and implement adjustments without worrying about performance or results;
A time out to shift how they think about themselves and decide how the rest of their experience with softball will be.

The biggest challenge I ever faced was the stress of feeling like I had to figure it out before I could be my best- but I didn’t think I knew how.

Looking back, I played like I still didn’t know quite enough. I played small for a lot of my time as a player because I was scared of playing big the wrong way.

I was looking for the answer. The black and white, 100% truth of what I should or shouldn’t do.

It wasn’t until I got to “the show” of college softball or saw behind-the-scenes at major companies that I figured out:

Other people’s answers almost are never YOUR answers, but they help you find out what you do and don’t like.

While there is no substitute for hard work and there are no shortcuts to finding out what works best for you- figuring it out MEANS playing big however you are in that moment because any other way of playing is selling yourself short.

These girls are getting a crash course in perspective and in LEARNING how to learn about themselves through sport.

We get to slow down and see that. What a gift.

A week ago, when feelings of fear and worry crept in about our surrounding circumstances and @jen_schro came up with this crazy idea, I knew it would fill a need to reconnect with the sport, but what I didn’t realize was the role it could play to provide a tool of perspective and empowerment.

We are all running on low sleep continuing to add players into this group so I know I’m emotional and rambling, but I’m proud of this even though it’s just Day 1.

Amanda, Jen, myself, and our core team are working our little butts off to be our best for all of you and for this movement we have going here.

See you guys tomorrow. And if you’re not “in,” I hope you take some time to check it out 🖤
  • Sometimes you have to be pushed.

The Packaged Deal has always been an event-based company. We have traveled for years to the organizations, girls and families who have requested us and we have put on one-of-a-kind clinics.

Our mission started with the girls: we needed to share information we wish we had growing up, to impact their perspective, and to move them to believe in themselves.

Our mission has remained the same through our growth and change, and now, with a true test to our core way of business, we immediately went back to why we started.

We have put together exactly the kind of school we would have wanted if we were them right now.

We are excited to be pushed to technology instead of just in-person events. We, and our amazing guest teachers, are choosing to respond to  quarantine and COVID and doomsday prep by sharing our insights, drills, motivation, and messages to that girl we used to be. We choose to keep moving and pushing back.

No one expects or wishes for times like these, but in making our own kind of lemonade, we are hoping to be a bright spot for softball families all around the world.

Softball School is now open for registration. Link’s in my bio. || 6-weeks of school
|| 3 classes/day
|| Downloadables, giveaways, bonus courses

90 videos for $90 plus access to the community we are about to pour our hearts into. See you in there.
  • I’m not sure about bored, but it definitely has me feeling all sorts of ways.

It has been such a weird time already with all of this and as quickly as quarantine came on, I’ve already realized how lucky I was to be able to go out everyday and work with and around the people I do.

I’m excited to be in the same virtual room again with these people and to reconnect and refocus; to get into a routine and get grounded and get better.

We have SO MANY amazing teachers that reached out and plugging them into the schedule this week was EYE OPENING.


Ready to get going.
Sign up Friday 3/20
Class Starts Monday 3/23

Reminder: For kids starting online school for actual school- these videos will be available live AND also for later viewing. They don’t disappear if you don’t catch them at class time!