Looking to bring me in for a defensive workout with your local softball community or team?

Options for Teams Local to Southern California:

Outside of my regular lesson hours, there are opportunities to schedule an hour of work for just your team Monday or Wednesday 5:30-6:30 depending on the week. Minimum to schedule this hour is 6 players. Email me for more details.


Depending on my availability, I can come out to a field or facility that you reserve. You can schedule either a 1.5 or 2 hour workout.

TEAM PRACTICE: Pricing Varies

  • 9-14 players : $400/1.5hrs, $500/2hrs.
  • Over 14 players: $35/player (1.5 hour workout), $45/player (2 hour workout)
  • Pricing may vary by drive time
  • More time can be added for a rate agreed upon by both parties
  • Equipment list fulfilled by you. Your coaches will run stations.

Teams Outside of California (or more than a 1-hour drive from Anaheim, CA):

I travel multiple times a month with The Packaged Deal. We go a LOT of places- it’s possible we will be near YOU. Check out our list of events here:


When I’m not with Packaged Deal, I have very limited available weekends to travel & teach. If our schedules match up, here is how this would work:

I’ll use your coaches, parents, or high school players to run stations while training them in the drills for that day’s workout.

You’ll be required to have equipment available for use & a facility or field to work from.


  • 4 buckets of softballs (size relative to the age of girls attending)
  • 1 bucket of tennis balls
  • 1 agility ladder
  • 1 catch net
  • 2 dozen cones
  • Optional: Baseballs, tennis racket, flat gloves, additional ladder & catch nets


  • $950 base instruction fee
  • 3-hour workout (can be broken up into 3, 1-hour workouts or 2, 1.5 hour workouts)
  • Only your team/ organization attends
  • More hours & attendees can be added for a rate agreed upon by both parties
  • Travel, car, & hotel (if required) costs are covered by host


  • Evaluations have created these 3 Elite Classes- this is the first time we have tried scoring this way- scroll to see some of the things that were evaluated. Total score out of 30!

Other notes on Elite Classes:
• Must be a regular lesson to be considered
• If you were not in class for evaluations, you will not have a score this time around
• Next evaluations are TBD but if I feel you can be moved to elite class and there are spots, I will contact you.
• These girls will have first choice on whether they want to accept Elite class time or if they want to keep current lesson spot. Next highest scores will then be invited.

What’s the difference between an Elite Class and a regular class?
• We will have same class structure and teaching points each week- classes might be a little faster pace due to concepts already being mastered.

I will have some happy and upset lessons after announcing this but here’s the deal: YOU control your lesson experience.

A number is ONLY telling of how you stack up in points I have outlined in this evaluation. No matter what class you’re in, you can get better, get a great workout, and be a good teammate to make others’ experience better too.

Come see me in lessons to discuss your score. Happy Tuesday everyone 🖤
  • Big work day preparing for Seattle at the end of the week.

Can’t wait to see how these girls improve and work through the hard parts in stop #2 of @thepackageddeal Anniversary Tour 🖤
  • What can you do at home to get better? Endless things.

Trend right now is that players are showing up to mandatory team training and they are going through the motions. Focus and energy are down, practice is a “have to” instead of a “get to.” Yes, it takes a lot of hours and weekly training is going to help get you there, but if you’re not mentally “in,” then you’re practicing the wrong way.

Don’t just show up. Thanks for letting me reflect and share @natashawatley29 🖤

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  • Putting @defenseclub on hold doesn’t mean I’m going to stop talking about the mental side or deprive my softball girls of it.

This is where the idea was born and this is the root of why I continue to post thoughts, ideas, and my own battles on social media:

I think I could have been so much better if I had focused more on what was inside of me than what it looked like I was accomplishing.

I think I would have had an easier time figuring out who I was outside of sport if I had gained perspective sooner and not placed so much of my identity in results of softball.

These ideas are not special to me or to the sport of softball- I believe this is the loose screw in majority of developing athletes that needs to be tightened up.

Especially with kids being pulled to 5 and 6 days a week of practices and games...even the less-than-normal amount of time devoted to “just being a kid” that elite athletes got has shrunk. Athletes have tripled their time being told what they need to be doing and severely decreased time needed to figure it out on their own.

There will be a shift and a rebalance and I’m just here hoping I can be on the side of mental wellness instead of burnout and instability.
  • HA. Perfect. There’s. No. Such. Thing.
  • A year ago I was:

Planning my first Groundwork event and gearing up to launch @defenseclub.

I felt like I was in the fast lane- excited for possibility and just trying to get it all done because I KNEW it had to.

I was grinding and not stopping because I had found my voice that spoke to those specific players- the one I used to be.

To date, I’ve had ✌🏼Groundwork clinics and Defense Club is now live- I did what I set out to do, so why do I feel like I’m underachieving?

I had to press pause on Defense Club because, honestly, I didn’t think it would be this hard.

I didn’t think it would take full time hours to keep having the conversation Defense Club starts- but it does. I didn’t realize I was riding the high of creation and that I’d be spent after reaching a finish line that wasn’t real.

I’ve had my own business and helped found another. I’ve worked a lot. I do not shy away from the details and daily routine needed to get things done- but not having the bandwidth to shoulder my passion project has been humbling.

In the last few months I’ve stepped back and gotten perspective. It’s funny to me that me, of all people, would be surprised that to have more it’s going to take more work.

My bad guys. I promised a lot and I’m going to work until I deliver, but I was forgetting that I’m human. And a lot of the time movement and change and growth claims a price at some point.

So here we are. Defense Club has been on pause, but in 2020, I’m pressing play.