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  • Softball and snow and smiles.

Finished up our east coast stop and have two more for our Anniversary Tour:

Atlanta, GA & Clearwater, FL are our LAST STOPS for this epic fall & winter.
  • I remember after a home game one night of my senior season at UW- we put our equipment in the lockerroom and made our way out to sign autographs.

It hit me- in the split second between grabbing a Sharpie and thinking there are people that probably didn’t want my signature because I didn’t get a hit that night- that this could be one of the last times I’d be asked for my autograph.

I couldn’t imagine a scenario in the future people would want me to sign their posters, balls, gloves, hands, etc.

I didn’t know how softball could continue to hold such a big place in my life since I’d need to enter the real world and start again as a beginner in something completely new.

Life is just weird.
I’m still signing autographs.
I still am unsure if the kids know who I am or why they need my autograph, but I’m thankful they are watching- or at least their parents are 😂

I don’t play anymore. They can’t watch how I take reps in pre-game, they can’t mimic my stance in the box. But I’m still working really hard every day to be someone worth watching.

The game is different now, but somehow I’ve grasped a more meaningful message- One bigger than if I got a big hit or not:

I’m working to be an example of how to grow and how to deal with weaknesses. I’m speaking about overcoming negative self-talk and the pursuit of perfection.
My goal is to empower the kid I used to be; looking up at players as they signed my ball, thinking they had everything figured out. No one does.

When you grow up you just start to realize that you’re wrong more than you’re right;
That if you work hard and trust yourself, even the person you imagined yourself being won’t measure up to the one you find yourself turning into.
  • 🖤
  • From the second your hand slips inside it’s first glove;
From the moment you feel the butterflies of going to your first practice-

Take care of the girl who was hopeful of those moments. Remember she’s the same one you’d later put through failure, rejection, fear, and self-doubt on and off the field.

So start now. Take care of the girl who loves playing- the one who used to laugh easier, who looked up to so many older players who could make hard plays look easy.

If you take care of her, the “you” you become later will have an easier time with self-talk and confidence and picking herself up when she really needs it.
  • This gets really interesting when everyday is a different fear.

As you grow, fears shift, change, and cycle: “I don’t want to look dumb in front of others.”
“I’m afraid I won’t be good enough.”
“What if I don’t achieve my goals?”
“I’m afraid to fail.” I’m still trying to figure out what my deepest fear is...so that quotes like this make sense and I can be “free.” Maybe the point is more that fear shouldn’t stop us on days we are afraid to move...we can be afraid and still achieve, still fight, and still take leaps forward. After all, isn’t the absence of fear the thing that denies our ability to be brave at all?
  • Simple way to practice a more efficient glove pattern:

Use visual cues to help test and make adjustments.

This week we are using a placeholder for our “front foot”- for righties this is our right foot on a forehand- and a slider for our glove.

A lot of my girls, lift their glove too high when stepping back on this angle work- we used the slider underneath our gloves to practice keeping fingers close to the ground.

Most common mistake for infielders:
Glove isn’t low enough, soon enough.