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Can a coach subscribe to the Elite Plan?

Yes. This can be a great tool for coaches to get more access to my programs and is a way to share your knowledge with your players!

Is there a team discount?

The Elite Plan is the best choice for a team! With 15 shareable links, that brings monthly lessons down to under $8/player.

Can I save money if I want to buy in for a year?

Yes, the Next Level plan and Elite plan are available for an annual prepayment!


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  • Day 100 in a row at home and thinking about when we didn’t get more than 3 before taking off again.
  • Getting better at being balanced and having our feet underneath us.

Lessons are inching back into regular life.

More info coming this week.
  • On a normal Memorial Day, softball is on everyone’s mind.
It’s post-season, it’s final qualifiers for Nationals, it’s practice, it’s out in the sun for tournaments with your best friends and teammates.

Today, obviously it’s different and that’s OK. We can celebrate the holiday and reflect.

We can be start to get excited for what’s to come after being patient and preparing by ourselves in the dark.

We are almost there ❤️🤍💙
  • We are all in different places with everything going on-

Some of us are still 100% in quarantine and looking to grind, some of us have been ON nonstop and need to learn how to give ourselves some grace and take a break.

For those of you that are still interested in Quaran-D and are ready to hop into a 28 day daily plan- this video on my Facebook page will help to explain what’s inside and why you haven’t missed ANYTHING.

I made this course specifically so that it can be picked up for wherever you are at.

Personally, I am going to give myself the weekend to reset after going at my 100% for the last couple months.

I really really love the fact that girls are posting their workouts and working their butts off. I’m reminding you of this because I need it too:

You’ll come back stronger after filling your bucket with ways you take care of you. Maybe that’s more working out- but maybe that’s more sleep or doing NOTHING or going on a walk instead of needing to accomplish something every second.

If I’ve learned anything by connecting with my girls over Zoom and virtual lessons it’s this:
A lot of the girls that follow me are very hard on themselves. So am I.

Let’s be real. This time is rough and weird and we are all in different spots. Be nice to yourself and breathe.
  • I know everyone is on a different time table with everything going on, so if you missed what my course was about and if you have questions, join me on my next Facebook Live (today 2:30 PT) OR read below:

1. “Can I still sign up?”
• Yes, this course will continue to be available. The Zoom calls were an extra add-on for the launch of the course, but I am posting the recorded sessions so you can see all questions answered!

2. “When is your next course coming out so I don’t miss it?”
• Quaran-D has 3 more weeks of workouts. I’ll have something new for you after that.

3. “Is there a coupon code?”
• I gave codes out before the launch to Softball School participants and will give another code out to all Quarantine-D participants for my next course 🙌🏼
  • Super small sample of video submissions sent in by my Quaran-D girls.

I have loved being able to see each one of them work and on top of that- have the courage to send in their videos.

Next Zoom call coming up tomorrow night 5pm PT. Can’t wait to see what they thought of this week’s workouts.