Looking to bring me in for a defensive workout with your

local softball community or team?

Options for Teams Local to Southern California:

Outside of my regular lesson hours, you can schedule an hour of work for just your team. Minimum to schedule this hour is 8 players.


  • $40/player

Depending on my availability, I can come out to a field or facility that you reserve.


  • 9-14 players : $360/1hr

  • Over 14 players: $35/player (1.5 hour workout), $45/player (2 hour workout)

  • Pricing may vary by drive time

  • More time can be added for a rate agreed upon by both parties

  • Equipment list fulfilled by you. Your coaches will run stations.

Teams Outside of Southern California

(or more than a 1-hour drive from Anaheim, CA):

I travel multiple times a month with The Packaged Deal. We go a LOT of places - it’s possible we will be near YOU.

Check out our list of events here:

When I’m not with Packaged Deal, I have very limited available weekends to travel & teach.

If our schedules match up, here is how this would work:

  • I’ll use your coaches, parents, or high school players to run stations while training them in the drills for that day’s workout.​​

  • You’ll be required to have equipment available for use & a facility or field to work from:

    • 4 buckets of softballs (size relative to the age of girls attending)

    • 1 bucket of tennis balls

    • 1 agility ladder

    • 1 catch net

    • 2 dozen cones

    • Optional: Baseballs, tennis racket, flat gloves, additional ladder & catch nets

  • $1,500 base instruction fee

  • 3-hour workout (can be broken up into 3, 1-hour workouts or 2, 1.5 hour workouts)

  • Only your team attends

  • More hours & attendees can be added for a rate agreed upon by both parties

  • Travel, car, & hotel (if required) costs are covered by host