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  • We have been teammates for a while now. As I sit on a plane to take off to convention and be part of another team with @jen_schro, I can’t help but think of what we have done since meeting in Canada.

Clinics would be a poor way to describe the work we have put in to build our own little community of players and families looking for more.

We started from scratch. We planned and dreamt and sought out to stand on the shoulders of the great women that paved the way before us- we wanted to continue to tell their story of grind and drive; to provide a voice to the women who had been there and to echo what we had learned from our male and female mentors growing up. We created something that didn’t exist:

A true movement of former players coming together to create something that was not about them. The photo shoots, the travel, the social posts, the hype was all done to elevate each young player’s experience growing up in softball.

We had obstacles and still do:
An ever-changing audience of families moving in and out of the sport, grown men and old school coaches mocking how we did things and brought our vision to life, balancing the need to grow with having lives at home, showing up with consistent energy despite a whirlwind schedule.

This is a team I wouldn’t have imagined would work, but to do something that’s never been done you’ve got to be willing to have a recipe that always seems a little crazy in the beginning.

You need more fire than you think. More stubbornness. More fight. More crazy. More steadiness and more courage.

It’s not easy to have these ingredients every time we show up- but that’s why I continue to choose this team. Easy isn’t what we look for. We look for great; for more; for special.

This is why I’m truly excited to put on another uni with this one and Team Easton. I doubt this will be anything short of epic.

  • Because who doesn’t want to be in Palm Springs singing Lady Gaga when it’s raining in Anaheim.

  • Been obsessed with these quotes the last 1.5 days as I think back to how I got here.

Here: Teaching defense to kids who want to get better, posting about what I wish I did when I was them, writing about my journey and what I’ve learned for thousands of people to read-

Here: Still growing, but now thankful for the things I’ve experienced instead of feeling embarrassment or shame or guilt.

I see kids every week.
I know they are watching YouTube, following their favorite, perfect people on social media and developing their sense of self in each interaction.

When they come to see me, I’m not there to entertain. I’m there to be myself and to push them to be their BEST selves.

I don’t need them to be like me. I don’t need them to always have updates that let me know how well they are doing-
All I ask of them is that they give great effort, that they focus, that they expect greatness from themselves.

This is me. I’m sure I’d be a better salesman if I cared more about how things looked, but sometimes that takes away from what’s underneath.
  • People will say they know you.
They will give you advice.
They will give their opinions.
But no matter what, you have to learn how to trust yourself first. Absolutely first.

No matter how much people love, cherish, respect you- their opinion on you is based off of what they see and what has happened to them. It’s not based on what you want or need or feel. Only you know those things.

We show people many sides of us, and even when we break down and ASK for help- the only person who really knows the way forward is us.

So people will tell you that you can’t do something because they haven’t done it-
They will tell you to be careful to protect you before you fall-
But if you want something, go and get it.

You’re going to have to fight through expectations and opinions and what people have done before you if you’re going to do something really special.
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